Tender/Quotation Notice

Tender forms are available from the Directorate of Mining & Geology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala after remitting the cost of tender form in cash, DD or money order to the Director of Mining and Geology.
Tenders which are not submitted in the prescribed tender form will be rejected.
Note: Tender forms will be sent by post on request and the cost of tender form may be remitted as DD while submitting the tender

Tender Number/Quotation number Tender details/Quotation details Cost of tender form (including VAT) Tender Form
142/DMG/2024/T2  dated 02.03.2024 Sealed and Competitive quotations are invited for the purchase of Hot plate for use in the Chemical Laboratory
1469/2023/T2 dated 27.02.2024 Quotation (No. 1469/2023/T2 dated 27.02.2024)- Fischer Burner - reg
1469/2023/T2 Quotation (No. 1469/2023/T2 dated 19.02.2024)
1469/2023/T2 Quotation NA --
1469/2023-T2 Limited Tender Notice NA --
1469/2023-T2 Platinum tipped tongs NA --
1469/2023-T2 Chemicals and glass wares NA --
DMG/871/2023-T1 Quotation for Refabrication of used Platinum Crucibles NA --
DMG/871/2023-T1 Quotations for providing Vehicles on hire on Contract basis for a period of 1 year NA --